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Are we really blonde in July?

Blonde July
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Look, this is the deal:
Three girls on the west coast of the US want to form a band someday. The name of this band shall be Blonde July © and it shall rock arse. An all female band, they plan to change history. No longer shall we female musicians have to subject themselves to the media in the way that they do; no longer will only guys be allowed to be vocalists with bad voices. Their voices will suck, and their playing will rock. Got it? Good.

They will be Blonde July.

Yeah, it's a future project. Won't happen for a few years at least, I guarantee you. But the idea is there. And with all great ideas comes great bands. Er... right?

What we need now is you. Without people to support us now, what kind of fans will we have later on? None, that's what kind. Or just plain crappy fans.

Hey, and you may be thinking -- pfft, big deal. Right? But in a few years, we'll be famous emo-rockers and who will you be?