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Welcome To Our World!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, this is the 8th time I have tried to post on this... hehehe.

This is Lorre, (your one and only drummerette) You may call me Lorre, but may not call me Lorris, only jessie can. If we catch you in the act, your ass is prone to some serious "ass-whooping" as wanna-be gangsters would call it.

Guess who is going to start gettin lessons!?!?!?!?! MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! WOO!!! *jumps around* I'm sooo excited! I thought that we might, just might be lucky to find some creepy mo to give me drum lessons, but noooo its ten times better!!!!!!!! Its this really cool guy named Hugh. He owns Earthboards and is friends with my dad!!! AND it only gets better, for my bus stop is right up his street, his house is closer to my bus stop than my house, for god's sake!!! ITS SOO GREATTTTTTTT!!!! We are going to start as soon as he gets back from Cabo!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT! WWOOOO!!

*clears throat*
yes. So anyways, I better do the band/name thing you guys are doing...

L >> Less than Jake
A >> Alien Ant Farm
U >> Unwritten Law
R >> Run DMC
E >> Evanascence *cough*
N >> Nirvana

He he. I dont listen to any of those bands except for Unwritten Law...

Well, goodbye for now my friends, and remember:

ah.. I guess theres nothing to remember.. lol...

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It's EVANESCENCE...*shakes fist*

And why did you cough?